UMP Classic

UMP Classic

UMP Classic uses our largest network of providers. With UMP Classic, you get covered preventive care at no cost to you when you see a preferred provider. UMP Classic also covers the full cost of certain programs to quit smoking or manage diabetes.
Plan features
Uses largest provider network
No referral needed for specialists
No cost for covered preventive care services when you see a preferred provider
Lower out-of-pocket limit than UMP CDHP
Annual medical deductible:
Annual medical out-of-pocket limit:
Annual prescription drug deductible:
Annual prescription drug out-of-pocket limit:

Medical benefits

Certificate of coverage
Find everything you need to know about this plan’s medical, vision and prescription drug coverage.
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
See the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for an overview of this plan’s coverage and costs.
Understanding your coverage
From your UMP 2020 premiums to your out-of-pocket expenses, learn all about your cost for care.
Preventive care
It might be hard to remember to go to the doctor when you’re not sick, but getting an annual check-up and other preventive care is one of the easiest ways to protect your health.
Advice24 nurse line
At no cost to you, registered nurses can assess symptoms and help you decide what kind of care you need. Call Advice24 nurse line 24/7 at 1 (800) 267-6729.

Prescription drugs

Pharmacy locator
Save money when you use a network pharmacy.
Drug price check
Find out how much your drug costs. The prices shown for drugs assume you’ve met your deductible.
UMP Preferred Drug List
Use this tool to see if your drug is covered.
Prescription drug coverage
Find out more about UMP prescription drug coverage and costs, including access to network pharmacies.
Specialty drugs
Specialty drugs must be purchased through Ardon Health, which offers a variety of medications from injectables to oncology therapies. Call Ardon Health at 1 (855) 425-4085 (TRS: 711).
Your pharmacy account
View your prescription claims history and find forms and member resources through Washington State Rx Services.


Find a network provider
Some providers are network providers in one location but not another. Confirm a provider’s network status before your visit to avoid paying more.
More about providers
Learn why you should choose a preferred provider, whether you need a primary care provider and more.

Medicare retirees

Medicare retirees
Be confident about your decisions after you become eligible for Medicare.